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From: (Chuck Weinstein)
Well, the year 2000 is gone, but it has been quite a year Shtetlinks!
All of you who are reading this and who have contributed in one way or
another to ShtetLinks can take pride in our accomplishments this year.
The number of ShtetLinks sites hosted on JewishGen's servers has grown
from 126 in January, 2000 to 164 as of last evening. There are three
more sites awaiting final approval, which should be up shortly. We are
now receiving some 250,000 hits per month on the JewishGen hosted
sites. This represents a 50% increase >from April, when those statistics
first began being collected. Since January, 2000, we have more than
doubled the number of actual pages on our server and the size of this
project has grown >from 109 Mb to 745 Mb.
None of these things happen in a vacuum. Our dedicated group of site
checkers, led by webmaster John Berman, have worked hard, bringing all
of this to you. Over the past couple of months, all of our hosted sites
have been checked by our hard working Quality Assurance team, and those
of you with problems have been notified. We are currently working on a
project to migrate our linked pages on to JewishGen's servers. A survey
is now being conducted to move that project along.
All of this is done with the help of dedicated volunteers. None of us
is paid for this hard work. However, we all benefit >from your
JewishGen-erosity. If you have received any benefit >from this project
at all, or see the potential benefit, I ask you to strongly consider a
donation to further our work. All that computer space comes with a
price tag. You can make a credit card donation or send a check.
Instructions can be found at
Happy New Year to all of you and may 2001 bring you all you seek in your
family trees.
Chuck Weinstein
JewishGen ShtetLinks Project Manager

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