Re: "Riga Kurlander Verein" and the unbalanced work load #courland #latvia

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Thank you, Joe! A very good suggestion! We need people with and without
language skills. The languages involving Jewish Latvia are mostly old
Factur German, Hebrew and Russian.
We need people to copy and type data
into EXCEL spreadsheets; we need people simply to transcribe >from one
written source to a database; for the Kurlander Verein, we need people who
can contact Jewish cemeteries in their areas and find out if there are any
Kurlander/Riga sections. If there are, we need them to volunteer to copy
the tombstones and to photograph them. Whatever is written in Hebrew can
be taken >from the photo and translated by someone [me, for instance] with
Hebrew skills. We have already embarked on an enormous project to
transcribe and translate the Herder films concerning the Jews of Courland.

This requires the availability of a microfilm reader and transcribing all
the Jewish information >from the film to an EXCEL spreadsheet database. One
of the first databases we put up on the Courland site was the 1799 Oklad
from Goldingen. Since that was prior to the taking of last names, I have
been trying to tie those families in with the earliest data we have
available after the taking of last names. When I finally complete the
work, those with families in the first database will be able to trace
their families back to at least the first quarter of the 1700's, provided
they have already worked their families back to the early 1800s. I and
another volunteer are also trying to database the burial register from
Dvinsk.That is in Hebrew, sometimes illegible and a difficult task. We have
information on Latvians who were living in Brussels. That needs to be
databased and is in French. We even have articles in Latvian that need to
be translated and copied into English.

So you see, there is plenty to do, even if you have no particular language
skills. We also need people to help us monetarily since we have people in
Latvia searching for written records and information >from a vast variety of
sources. Both their skills and the actual sources cost money, if not to
purchase, then to copy. Pitch in and join our efforts!

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, Omer, Israel

Good for you!!!!

Perhaps if you explain what needs to be done, and how it is done, some of us
with few skills, but plenty of time will be willing to help.

I have not offered to help primarily because I'm afraid that I do not have
the skills necessary to really be of help.

Let me know more, and if able I will help.


jJoe Bein

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