Bounced mail #latvia

Arlene Beare <arl@...>

I am sorry if you received a lot of lyris bounced mail. I tried to avoid
rejecting a multipart mime message by editing it but it failed. I must
therefore ask you all once again to see that your E-mail is sent in Plain
Text or it will be rejected. If you do not know how to do it please ask
your ISP. Eudora always asks if you want it in Plain text if it is sent in
any other format but other Programmes such as Outlook Express need to be
set to Plaintext in the options.

Mark Heckman sent the following advice in a previous message:

Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express: when you compose a message select
"Format -> Plain Text."

Yahoo mail: check the "plain text" box beneath the message.

Netscape: first select "Edit -> Preferences -> Mail & Newsgroups ->
Formatting," then set to "Use the plain text editor" and to "Convert
the message into plain text." You must also select "Edit ->
Preferences -> Mail & Newsgroups -> Messages" and under where it says
"Send messages that use 8-bit characters," check the box next to "As

For other email programs, if the program was supplied by your Internet
Service Provider, they will be able to tell you how to configure your
email program. Similarly, for free email services like Hotmail or
Juno, their tech support people can tell you what to do.

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