Grobina Jewish Families near Libau #latvia


390 records >from the small shtetl of Grobina just outside of Libau [now
Liepaja] are now searchable on line as part of the new databases forming part
of the Recruits and family enlistment registers. Many well known family
names >from the Courland area are included so do have a look to see your
family roots are among them. This is a small database but fascinating all
the same with many names being searched in the Family Finder.
This database contributes to our growing knowledge of the Jewish families of
Courland and we hope it will be helpful to you in your searches. If not you
then pass the word on.
This is one of many announcements over the next few days setting out the new
treasures in the All Latvia Database. This list is available because of
generous donations that enable it to be professionally transcribed in Riga
from original sources. We hope that you will contribute to the database
effort. We will shortly have a donation link available through Jewishgen
that will enable to you obtain tax relief on contributions to any project
that appeals to you. We hope you will consider sponsoring your home town or
shtetl but whether you can make a contribution or not we are sure you will
enjoy this milestone with us.
Best always
Constance Whippman [All Latvia Database Co-Ordinator]

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