Jacobstadt [Jekapils] Families 1871 #latvia


The Courland Research Group is delighted to announce new database entries for
Jacobstadt [now Jekapils] dating >from around 1871. Approximately 2,000
records are now fully operational as part of the Recruits and Family Lists
database which you can search at
Don't forget to have a read of the introductory material that gives a great
deal of information about the history and background to the lists.
Over the last days this is one of 7 new databases which are coming on line
from both the Latvia SIG and the Courland Research Group each contributing to
the All Latvia Database. The volunteers have been spectacular and to have
processed so much information through to its debut on line and searchable all
over the world is something that gives everyone involved in it the greatest
pleasure. Our thanks to our webmasters Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias who
handle the final stages of making it go live. This database was
professionally transcribed in Riga. In the next few days we will be putting
up a donation page for the All Latvia Database to ensure that we continue to
have material of this quality coming through. We hope that you may wish to
sponsor the data >from your home towns or shtetls as a lasting memorial to
loved ones and family or in celebration of a family event such as a Bar
Mitzvah or wedding.
Anyway for now just enjoy sharing this wonderful resource.
Best regards to all
Constance Whippman [Database Co-ordinator]

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