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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

Dear Roman I am in France at present but will take a look when I get back
home next week. Regards Arlene

At 22:29 20/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
My name is Roman and I am researching my ancestors -Tunkel/Toonkel
Is it possible to take a look in Business and Professional telephone
for Riga for 1923/24 and check it for Tunkel/Toonkel?
You can visit my family tree site at:
Please feel free to send a request for a personal user id and a
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Roman Tunkel
Arlington, MA, USA

Searching for
TERUSHKIN or TORUSHKIN (appr.1850-1880)
NEMERZEL' (appr. 1880-1920)
ERENBURG (appr. 1890-1930)
VOLKOV (appr.1900-1920)
RABKIN (appr. 1900-1930)
FRID (appr. 1910-1940)

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:44:11 +0100 Arlene Beare <>
We are so lucky as I have just received a Business and Professional
telephone directory for Riga for 1923/24. The list is incomplete and
so we will have to wait for the other names.They go up to K.
I have also received a list of Doctor's names for Tallinn for 1922.
All we need now is willing hands to help with getting all the data
up on the web.
Constance is doing a sterling job as is Martha and a number of other
willing helpers but as you can see we need a large number. She does
have to organise and get the data together so if you have volunteered
not yet received any work be assured she will be sending it to you.
Arlene Beare
President Latvia SIG

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