Re: Extraordinary Commission Lists - Riga #latvia

David Lewin <davidlewin@...>

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so
many years since World War II, may still exist "out there". We also assist
in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic. See our
Web page at

David Lewin

Moderator Note: Jewishgen has a policy of not
promoting individual or group researchers as
we cannot give recommendations. This message
should strctly speaking not be permitted but
I have decided to pass it on this occasion with
a reminder that we cannot allow it in the future.

Original message >from Lorraine Berteleson:

Dear fellow Latvia and Courland Researchers,

I recently received a shock when I downloaded some ARONIS names >from the
Extraordinary Commission Lists for Riga >from the All Latvia DB.

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