BIALYGen has Acquired Book of Interest to all Bialystokers #poland


Dear Bialystokers:

On behalf of BIALYGen, I recently purchased a very interesting Yiddish
language book. The book is entitled "Statistics of the Movement of the
Jewish Population in Bialystok 1909-1918" and was published by the
Jewish Community Council of Bialystok in 1920.

This book is a very rare statistical look at the Jewish population in
Bialystok >from 1909 to 1918, when many ancestors of BIALYGenners lived
in the City. During this period, the majority of the City was Jewish. In
1921, there were 39,602 Jews living in Bialystok. This period is also of
interest in that it covers the period before World War I, the War period
and the German occupation, and the period of the Russian Revolution.

This book contains many tables, diagrams, graphs, and illustrations
pertaining to Jewish life in the city of Bialystok. These tables,
graphs, etc. describe the births, deaths, marriages, and divorces of the
Jewish Community.

A translated Table of Contents and some sample pages can be viewed on
the BIALYGen website at

The plan is to create digital images of the pages that describe the
Jewish Community of Bialystok and translate the data, explanations, and
discussion >from Yiddish to English. When the translation is complete,
the pages and their translation will be added to the BIALYGen website.

The expected cost of this project is $755, which includes $155 for
purchase of the book and an estimated cost of $600 to translate the book
from Yiddish to English. Please help to fund this very interesting
project. Go to the BIALYGen JewishGen-erosity page at
and contribute to "Statistics of the Movement of the Jewish Population
in Bialystok 1909-1918."

BIALYGen can acquire and present on our website many other Yiddish
language publications of historical and genealogical value to
Bialystokers. If you can translate >from Yiddish to English, please offer
your translation help and contact me privately at Any savings resulting >from volunteer
translation of this book will go toward acquiring and/or translating
other historical material.

I would like to thank Olga Zabludoff for translating the Table of
Contents of this book and Judy Baston for identifying this book and
recommending its purchase.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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