Rav Aaron Kotler #latvia


I recently learned that the late Rav Aaron Kotler, who was head of the yeshiva
at Lakewood, was a cousin to my late father and am seeking help to place him on
my family tree. It seems he was the son of a man named PINES [possibly Hirsh]
and a woman whose maiden name was KOTLER. In order to secure the military
exemption >from service given to first-born sons, he was given his mother's
maiden name, though the family name was PINES. This might have been in
Ruzhany, [Lithuania? Byelorusse?]. His aunt, Golda PINES [married name: SAMUEL]
was my paternal grandmother and lived in Libau.

Any advice, hints are welcome. I am also very interested to connect with other
PINES family : my great grandfather was Mordechai Isor PINES, 1836-1927,
married to ZELDOVITCH .

Lisa Newman
Toronto 416 921-0212

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