To phone to Riga #latvia

Sergei Komarov <komarov_sergei@...>

I mean that I need programm seems like programm
When I phone to US I use (very useful phone-programm to make free calling to or >from US), but I need other programm
servicing in Riga like "dialpad" in US.
Thank you. Sergei.

My search: Iosif Gellerman/Gegerman(changed the name)1919 y.b.
in Riga, died 1989 in N.Y.(US)
or his families.

Moderator Note: Sergei this newsgroup
is for genealogy and we can discuss the names
you are searching.
The computer software problem will need
to be answered on the newsgroup that
deals with computer software questions.
I will not post any further questions about
the software.
If anyone wishes to communicate privately
about the software contact Sergei at his E-mail

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