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When I click on the name of a Database, all I get is
general information in most cases, followed by the obligatory thank-yous
to the people to donated time, money & translations.
I'm a novice at this, so treat me as such & use one syllable words!
Thank you so much.
Adrienne Creed Mendelson
Chevy Chase, MD
West Bloomfield, MI
Hi, thank you so much for raising this problem. You are not alone! The way
to access the database is to go
Then take the cursor and scan right down to the bottom of the entry page.
That is where you find the space to type in the name you are searching. Be
sure you ask for the Mokotoff soundex name search which will find all the
various spellings that may have been used. Then click on the "search"
button. This will hopefully bring up lots of sources for your name and you
will see them listed. It is set out so that the name of the database is set
out on the left and if you click this area you will come up with the general
information. Access to the documents is on the right hand side and refers to
how many documents there are. Click where it says how many documents there
are and these will immediately come up and you can scan through them. If you
have anymore problems don't be shy, just ask. Its our job to make it
understandable and I am so sorry you have had this difficulty.
Can you let me know how you get on.
Best always in your searches, Constance

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