Re: In Search of the Shockstell/Shaukstil & Mendelson Family Sources #latvia

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Dear Arlene,

Cannot thank you enough for your informed input, but I have NOTHING but approximate
dates & "maybe" towns. I was told some of the information came >from an old version
of World Family Tree, which figured approximate dates of parents, grandparents, &
on back, if one knew the dates of succeeding family members.
On a fixed income, I do almost all of my research on line. I don't think I'm
anywhere near ready to search further than what is available to me on line, gratis,
and through experienced researchers or family members.
Have a wonderful Passover.
Adrienne Mendelson

Moderator Note: Approximate dates would be fine.
When you have the finances worked out you could
send whatever you have as regards dates and places.
Most of us only have apporximate dates and places.
Happy Passover.

Arlene Beare wrote:

Dear Adrienne
You need to do your research through the Archives.
I suggest that you contact:

Mrs Irina Veinberga
Latvian State Historical Archives
Slokas iela 16
Riga LV-1007

If you ask for research to be done then you must pay a non refundable $50
to start the search. If not in the USA then the equivalent amount in your
currency. This is a once only payment and subsequent requests will not
require any payment other than the amount due for the work done.

Payment may be by cheque in which case you need to add $7. $57 would then
be the amount sent. If you send a Postal or Money order then only $50 is

Payment of the bill is a similar story. You pay the amount asked for if
money or postal order. If by cheque then for amounts below $100 you add $7.
For any amount over $100 you need to add $20 to your cheque. The extra
required is never more that $20.

You need to send all the details that you have as regards names,dates of
birth ,places lived,dates left Latvia etc.

They will be able to give you far more satisfaction than you will achieve
by looking through complete databases and trying to work out whether a
certain name belongs to your relation.
You may have to wait up to 6 months for a result but it will be worth it.

Arlene Beare
President Latvia SIG

Programme Committee
London2001 - 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
8-13 July 2001

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