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I noted this message on the Litvak SIG newsgroup and thought it would be of
interest to Latvian Researchers as well.
Arlene Beare
President Latvia SIG

The following may be of interest to Litvaks.
I have received several messages containing questions about the "Index of
JewishRecords in the FHL CD" that was produced by IAJGS. I am repeating two
of them here, with my response, as many others may have the same question.
Question No. 1
<< Is the CD you wrote about 3/2 the same or different >from the one I
purchased for $5. in SLCity last Conference? That one is not Mac
compatible. You say theCD you mention is Mac compatible. I spoke to FHL in
SLCity last week and the librarian told me the CD they sell is
notcompatible. Which is which? What is what? I would like a Mac compatible
CD if it is available. >>
Thanks for your enquiry. The Index of Jewish records in the FHL CD,
produced by IAJGS, is compatible for both a Mac and a PC. It is quite
different than the CD you purchased in SLC (which only provides a general
catalog of their holdings) and is far more advantageous for
Jewish research.
Question No. 2
<< I read the post in the news group, and I'm confused.
If the CD contains an actual index of records, then I'm interested. If it
contains only a list of towns, and which microfilms/fiche belong to them,
then I'm not. It's unclear to me why this doesn't replace the online index.>>
The Index of Jewish Records in the FHL CD, produced by IAJGS, is a very
comprehensive CD. It does include a list of towns, and which
microfilms/fiche belong to them. However, the CD contains far more than
that. It includes a tremendous amount of data, finding aids, etc., and is
compatible on both a Mac and a PC. It is far more than just an idex of towns.
Here is one example of the information contained in the index:
TITLE - Matrykula, 1826-1911
SUMMARY - Civil registration of Jewish births, marriages, marriage
supplements and deaths for Sereje (Seree), Suwalki, Poland; now Seirijai,
Lithuania. Text in Polish and Russian.
LANGUAGE - Polish, Russian.
LOCATION - Poland, Suwalki, Sereje (Sejny). Lithuania, Seirijai.
Russia, Suvalki, Seree.
FILM - 752589 - Akta urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow 1826-1831, 1837-1838,
1845-1846, 1848, 1850-1851, 1854, 1856.
FILM - 1496961 Items 19-32; Dokumenty do akt malzenstw 1883-1887, 1889-1894,
FILM - 1496962 Items 1-8; Dokumenty do akt malzenstw 1900-1903, 1905-1906,
1908, 1911.

TITLE - 1941-1952 metu Lietuvos tretiniai: pirma knyga
SUMMARY - Alphabetical list by region of persons sent to Siberian
work camps >from Lithuania, 1941-1952. Indentifies the I.D. number,
name, father's name, birth year, date sent, date released or died, and name
of camp to which the person was sent. (Holocaust).
LANGUAGE - Lithuanian, Russian
LOCATION - Lithuania - Concentration camps
Russia, Siberia - Concentration camps
BOOK - 947.5 J7m
(Note: This book is located in the FHL in Salt Lake City, Utah and can only
be accessed there. However, it may be available via inter-library
loan by checking with your local library).
I hope the above examples will give you an idea of just how extensive
the index is.
Howard Margol
President, IAJGS

London2001 - 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
8-13 July 2001

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