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Thank you very much for this interesting information. Do you have a
suggestion of how best to purchase this book if one lives in the U.S.?

Many thanks -- Eric Benjaminson oregon81@...

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I know all of you will be as excited as I am to see the publication of a
really useful guide to researching our Baltic ancestors. Arlene Beare has
just published "A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia" ISBN
0-9537669-2-6: No. 3 in the series"Jewish Ancestors?" brought out by the
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain under the general editorship
Rosemary Wenzerul, Chairman, JGSGB Education Committee.

This is an excellent guide for researching your family. Everything is in
one place: background information, addresses, references to the web,
practical tips etc etc. This book would have saved me hours of time when
started and as I read through it now I see loads of tips and tricks I
even begun to to think about.

What can I say except WOW! and warmest congratulations. I think I am
required by JewishGen rules to point out I don't have any financial
in this book, nor does Arlene since the profits are going to the JGSGB.
book is another wonderful example of how far Jewish family history
has come over the last year.
The timing on Erev Pesach could not be better.
Constance Whippman

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