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In the description of the Courland Family Lists database it is stated that
the Recruits Enlistment Registers database "concentrates primarily on the
adult members of the households and does not generally record child entries
from the original list."
Can anyone tell me what was used as an age cutoff?
I see names down to about 10 years of age, but almost nothing below that.
Dear Stan,
Thanks for raising this question. I expect that there is some confusion
arising out of the fact that traditionally in the US and other European
countries a young man had to register for the draft at a certain age. In
fact this was not the case in Courland. Enlistment Registers were one of a
number of lists that were maintained that registered whole family units and
the birth of new siblings was registered or added >from time to time.
Selection was by the Jewish Community leaders >from the list of those
available and there were complicated rules about priorities for selection.
The obligation was that of the head of the family to ensure that son who was
selected, almost always by Jewish Community Leaders actually appeared to do
military service as required and the head of the household could be fined and
have property confiscated if the proposed recruit defaulted. The Vedomosti
has numerous postings of fines for father's whose sons did not appear at the
designated times. The list that is provided on the net is an "extraction"
from the records that lists adult members of the household and some "older
children". The purpose was to get good coverage of family names accross a
range of areas rather than to duplicate the full information >from the
document. Identifying a family link is an important first step and it may
well be that there is additional information available >from the archives.
Believe me, if it is there they will find it for you. It may take time but
they are very assiduous! I hope this helps.
Meanwhile, continued good luck in searching. These sorts of questions help
everybody and are very much appreciated.
Constance Whippman [database co-ordinator]

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