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We have received this lovely message >from Rabbi Glazman.
Arlene Beare
President Latvia SIG

>from Chabad Rabbi Glazman with his permission to publish on newsgroups.

As in past years, Chabad's Passover activities were met with great success,
reaching more Jews than ever.

All cooking and preparations were started well in advance. A container of
Kosher for Passover items arrived >from Israel right on time. The brand new
Soup Kitchen at Chabad was able to handle the load; food for Pesach Sedarim
in 6 cities around Latvia for over 1000 people.

In Riga alone, 4 Sedarim catered to 500 Jews. A very special Seder was
arranged for the friends and relatives of Ohel Menachem-Or Avner Dayschool.
The students ran the Seder and the choir led the crowd through the
Haggadah. The story of Pesach came alive through various performances, i.e.
a live interview with the "Hebrews" at the bank of the Red Sea.

Eight student Rabbis arrived >from the USA to lead the Sedarim in
Daugavpils, Ventspils, Rezekne, Liepaja and Jurmala. The crowds were
enthusiastic and stayed late into the night; talking, singing and enjoying
the Jewish atmosphere so lacking year round in these small cities.

The Rabbis had many stories to tell, when they returned. A 70 year old
woman in Liepaja attended a Seder for the first time in her life! Tears
were shed when the old age song of Dayeinu brought memories of childhood
Seders before the war. And the round Shmurah Matzah was reminiscent of the
home baked ones done in secret during the Soviet times.

London2001 - 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
8-13 July 2001

Three tons of Matzah were distributed to our needy brethren throughout the
country, including small communities such as Ludze, Kraslava and Yekapils.
In Riga alone, 750 families received Holiday packages, including Matzah,
Matzah meal, vegetables, fruits and a Holiday brochure.

In this Pesach season of 5761, no Jew in Latvia was left behind.

London2001 - 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
8-13 July 2001

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