Re: Sephardi Jews in Latvia #latvia

Alexander Friedlander

Even though I heard before that some percentage of Jews in Latvia have
Sephardic origins (there were quite a few families who arrived to Latvia
several hundred years ago >from Portugal, through France and Holland),but

This is an intriguing topic for me, as my gggf apparently came to Latvia >from Holland, the family
having originated in Italy, we understand.
Once in Latvia, he purchased the pass of a Jew leaving
for the US and changed his name >from Montwuid (?) to Davidowitz.
If anyone has any references to pass on I would appreciate this.

Alexander Friedlander


Lamschen/Lemken, Davidovitz, Hirschalld--Sassmachen/Riga in Latvia

Montweed/Montwuid--Italy, Holland, Latvia

Ochberg--Uman in the Ukraine

Friedlander and Ginsberg--Bytom/Beuthen and Wroclau/Breslau in Poland/Germany

And all in South Africa

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