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Marvin, I think your message was mis-directed to me.


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MarvinLebow@... wrote:

Dear Ms. Gottlieb:

I just picked up your message over the Latvia SIG. My father (Simon),
grandfather and ggrandfather lived in Dankere. They emigrated to America in
1902, and shortened their name >from Leibowitz to Lebow. I don't know of any
relationship to the Danker family. However, I did correspond briefly with a
woman named Annette Danker Steiner in Florida (also >from Dankere). Are you
related to her?

Regarding sources of information. You might try writing the Latvian State
Historical Archives in Riga. They would do a little research your family in
Dankere and possibly find some ancestral links. I had a search done for my
family, and while they found a little information it was not enough to extend
my family tree significantly.

Also, there are a couple of private researchers listed on the JewishGen. One
of them is actually distantly related to me. But, I would try the State
Archives first. They have access to any old records that still exist, and
they are cheaper than the private researchers.

It is always a surprise and pleasure to meet someone new >from Dankere.

Marvin Lebow
Tulsa, OK

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