Holocaust Memorials #poland



I would like to invite all of you to visit my latest online exhibition
based on the many Holocaust memorials that have been erected in many of
the cemeteries of New York and New Jersey. Of particular interest to
BialyGen researchers are the memorials associated with Bocki, Brzeziny,
Goniondz/Trestine, Narew, Orla, Tykocin and Zamosc. More will be added
in the coming months. These Memorial web pages are accessible through
the links on my main Holocaust Memorial page. Soon, I will also post
photos >from various memorials in Eastern Europe. If you have any that
you would like me to include in this exhibition, please let me know
(photos of memorials, not individual matzevot.)

The URL for the New York-New Jersey Holocaust Memorial exhibition is

Of course, there is much more to my site, a virtual (Internet only)
museum of Jewish family history. I hope you all get a chance to pay
a thorough visit to my site and see what it has to offer. You can get
the best overview of my virtual museum by searching through the Site
Map page.

Steve Lasky
New York

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