Re: Latvian invoice translation? #latvia

annette reilly

Thankyou very much for the details of my invoice.
Thanks again
annette reilly

Annette I am replying via the newsgroup as this is
of general interest.
The translation of the accounts appears in my book
"A Guide to Jewish
Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia" on pages 16/17. We
also published it in
the Latvia SIG newsletter that is distributed to
members(to find which
newsletter consult the Index of Contents that can be
found via the SIG

I will try to get the translation put up on the SIG
page but it is not
there at present.

You receive the following -

Details of files examined and the cost per file
examination- A file that has good handwriting
and can be easily read 0.69 lats Good handwriting but ancient
0.92 lats Parts of text difficult to
read 1.38
lats Additional files examined for
file 0.28 lats

1.6 Genealogical research-

One person (3 entries birth,marriage and
6.19 lats
One person (2
4.12 lats
One person (one
2.06 lats

1.9.3 Negative answer
Report 1.15

2.5 Taking and returning files to depository

2.5.1 Files dating >from 18thC
1 file 0.0555 lats
2.5.2 Unique and large format files
file 0.09 lats

2.6 Document copies

2.6.2 Unpublished
1 document 2.01 lats
2.6.3 Archives typed report
sheet 0.14 lats

Any further queries should be addressed direct to
the Archives.

Arlene Beare
President Latvia SIG

Original message:


I have recieved my invoice >from the Latvian
and was wondering if maybe somone could help
what i may recieve >from them ?

Please reply privately to:

Many Thanks
Annette Reilly


Also searching for:
Reuben (All spellings)= London East End post 1907
Isaacson = Kuldiga and London
Weiner = London and South Africa
Levin = London

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