Corcisco, Latvia? #latvia

Marj Green <marjgreen@...>

Dear Latvia SIG,

Does anyone know the current name of the town/village of Corcisco, Latvia?

The name of the village comes >from a 1980 taped interview with Beila
FEIGELSON (daughter-in-law of my cousin, Chana GRUSIN FEIGELSON). Beila was
born in Dankere (Glazmanka, now Gostini) in 1905. When she was about 10
years old, she and her family ran away >from Russian troops who invaded
Dankere and took shelter for a few months in Corcisco. They first went to
Varklani, Latvia, and then got on a train to Corcisco. Eventually they
returned to Dankere.

I have tried the shtetl finder, mapquest, WOWW, and WOWW companion, but
haven't been able to find Corcisco. Any ideas?

Marj Gruzen Green
Los Altos, CA

Researching: GRUZIN/ZEN/SIN/SON and FRIEDMANN >from Riga, Gostini, Krustpils,
etc, Latvia and >from Kovno and Vilna, Lithuania
HOFFMAN >from Ozorkow, Poland, and WESOKEK >from Sierpc,

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