Re: Corcisco, Latvia #latvia

A. M. Lenhoff <lenhoff@...>

The timing of this event sounds very much like the expulsion
of the Jews >from most of Courland and parts of Lithuania in 1915.
They were required to go to a region covering five gubernias of
Russia, extending down close to the Black Sea in present-day Ukraine;
personal recollections are included in

If this is indeed the period that is recalled in the interview,
the town is probably not in Latvia but further afield in the old
Russian empire.

Bramie Lenhoff
Newark, DE

Marj Gruzen Green wrote:
Does anyone know the current name of the town/village of Corcisco,
Latvia? The name of the village comes >from a 1980 taped interview
with Beila FEIGELSON (daughter-in-law of my cousin, Chana GRUSIN
FEIGELSON). Beila was born in Dankere (Glazmanka, now Gostini) in
1905. When she was about 10 years old, she and her family ran away
from Russian troops who invaded Dankere and took shelter for a few
months in Corcisco. ...SNIP....

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