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JOHN G. CAKARS <latvija@...>

Marj Green wrote:
Does anyone know the current name of the town/village of

If Corcisco is supposed to be in Latvia, then the name is
surely misspelled or not Latvian in origin. It is clearly not
a Latvian place name. If this is supposed to be a Latvian
place, then clearly you would not be writing the name "Corcisco"
with a "C". In Latvian, the "C" is pronounced a certain way.
In English it is not.

The first thing I did was to look at the Baltic map at

I looked to see what railway lines were showing for Latvia.
Then I looked to see what places were located along the lines.
If they went >from Glazmanka to Varaklani first, this map does
not show a railway connection >from Glazmanka to Varaklani.
However, I pulled out the book, "Latvijas vestures atlants,"
page 29 'Iedzivotaju izvietojums' has a little map for 1914.
It shows a railway line running >from Jekabpils to Vilani.
Varaklani is NW of Vilani. Now if Corcisco was in Latvia,
then I looked for a place along a railway line that could be
"Corcisco." I would say that the town of Karsava is probably
the most like place, in Latvia, that would be similar in
pronunciation to Corcisco.

According to the book, "Celvedis pa Latviju" Karsava has had
a railway station since the 1860's. To get to Karsava >from
Varaklani/Vilani you would have had to transfer trains in
Rezekne. The railway line shows up on the Baltic FEEFHS map.
But between Rezekne and Nesteri no other stops are shown.

I also consulted the books "Latvijas apdzivoto vietu un to
iedzivotaju nosaukumi," "Latvijas geografijas atlants," and
"Vadonis pa 77 Latvijas pilsetam." I could confirm that Karsava
had a railway station in 1914 (4 km >from town), but I couldn't
confirm an active railway station for Vilani, although the map
shows it to near one. Karsava is on the railway line >from
Daugavpils to St. Petersburg.

Although, Karsava is not a phonetic rendition of Corcisco, it
appears to meet the facts as presented.

I find the comment about the Russian troops entertaining, since
the territory was part of the Russian Empire.

John G. Cakars
Albany, CA

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