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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

We have added two new buttons to the SIG page. The first is called "shtetl
memories" and we have a memoir by Rita Bogdanova. (Archivist at the Latvian
State Historical Archives) She went back to Leipaja( Libau) with her mother
who is a Holocaust survivor and then wrote "Reminiscences of Liepaja"
You can access the memoir >from the Latvia SIG page
click on shtetl memories

The second button is for Book Reviews and we are privileged to post 2
reviews of Max Michelson's book entitled -
"City of Life, City of Death, Memories of Riga"

This memoir by a Holocaust survivor recalls family life in prewar Riga,
Latvia; describes life in the Riga Ghetto; the liquidation of the ghetto
and the destruction of Riga Jewish community; and his experiences during
the war years in several concentration camps in Riga and Germany.

Go to the SIG page and click on Book Reviews

Both additions can also be accessed >from the "What's New" button which has
links to the Memoir and the Book Reviews.

Arlene Beare Webpage Editor
David Zeidman Webmaster

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