Re: ZOLTY in the JRI-Poland database #poland


Franck d'Almeida Zolty wrote:

I know little about where my ZULTY family came >from but I do know that
some of the family came >from the Minsk guberniya and others >from the
Tiktin/Tykocin area.
If you search the database of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland at, you will find a number of listings for the name
ZOLTY >from Tykocin and Bialystok

You can read the JRI-Poland Research Guide in French at

You can also find the JRI-Poland Research Guide in Spanish, Hebrew,
Russian and Polish at

Best wishes,

Judy Baston

(French translation below)
Si on cherche la base de donnees de "Jewish Records
Indexing-Poland" a" on trouve
quelques indices for le nom ZOLTY en Tykocin et

Pour lisez la guide pour recherchez a "JRI-Poland" en
Francais, allez a:

Bonne chance,

Judy Baston

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