Yizkor Book Project update October 2002 #latvia

Joyce Field

October 2002 update for Yizkor Book Project

This has been a short month as our QA Coordinator left on a
well-deserved vacation well before the end of the month. However, he
worked up to almost the last moment to get as much as possible
online. Thanks to Lance Ackerfeld we were able to produce a
prodigious amount of work during the first three weeks of October.
During that time we added 1 new book,7 new entries >from the Pinkas
HaKehillot, and updated 13 books. (Entries are chapters in books
which contain multiple towns, each of which has a separate listing on
our index page so they can be easily located.)

New Book:

-Oshmyany, Belarus

New Entries >from Pinkas HaKehillot:

Glowno, Poland
Opatow, Poland
Opoczno, Poland
Przedborz, Poland

Balbieriskis, Lithuania
Kalvarija, Lithuania
Mariampole, Lithuania

Updated Books:

-Bedzin, Poland
-Brzeziny, Poland
-Czyzew, Poland
-Dubossary, Moldova
-Gorodenka (Horodenka), Ukraine
-Novogrudok, Belarus
-Oradea, Romania
-Plock, Poland
-Przemsyl, Poland
-Slutsk, Belarus
-Szumsk, Ukraine
-Yedintsy, Moldova
-Zgierz, Poland

See http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/translations.html, the index page
for all the translations.

Before we had the Holocaust Database,
http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Holocaust/, there were a number of
files containing Holocaust and concentration camp data located
temporarily at the Yizkor Book site. As the Holocaust Database now
includes those files we have removed the static files >from the Yizkor
Book Page and have reorganized the translations into 3
categories--Regions, Communities, and Miscellaneous.

Morris Gradel has signed up to do a large number of translations >from
the Pinkas HaKehillot, Poland, volume 7. Thank you, Morris for your
efforts. We hope other volunteers we step forward to coordinate
translations of the other volumes. Incidentally, all the Pinkasim
translations are indexed at:

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Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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