Anti-Semitism in Bialystok #poland


Dear BialyGenners:

In this forum, I have previously reported about the interest of
"educated" Polish people (and specifically the Bialystok area) in the
former Jewish history and culture of Poland.

In March 2006, a terrible incident occurred in Bialystok that shows the
interest of some in teaching Tolerance and others in spreading Hate.
Even though very few Jews live in the Bialystok region, hate continues
to exist.

Read about this incident at

Mark Halpern
BialyGen Coordinator

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Although issues of contemporary politics in
Bialystok are off-topic for this list, we are publishing this
message as a one-time informational announcement because it may be
of interest to readers of this list. This will not be the beginning
of a thread on this subject.

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