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Karyn Posner-Mullen <kpm555@...>

1. Visiting Bialystok/Records

My family emigrated >from Bialystok to New York in about 1905 - Poznanski -
and I have visited there three times in the last two years, as I currently
live in Budapest. It is an easy plane ride to Warsaw ( 1 hour) and then a
2-hour train ride to Bialystok.

There is one Jewish woman there, Lucy Gold, whom I met through Mark Halpern,
the Coordinator of BialyGen. Lucy is wonderful, works with the city of
Bialystok on its annual commemoration of the Ghetto uprising (Aug 16-23,
1943), as well as travels with visitors who want to see Bialystok, the
Jewish cemetery and surrounding countryside (Treblinka, Tykocin, which
has a beautiful synagogue). I don't know Tamas Wisnieswski, although I
have surfed his website.

Re Records >from the 1880s -- I believe there are some, and Lucy works with
the archivists in town, as well.

If you are interested in contacting Lucy - she speaks English - not
perfectly - but better than most people in Bialystok -- I will be happy to
send you her email address.

I hope this has been helpful.

Karyn Posner

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