Re: Jewish schools in Riga #latvia

Evelyn Waldstein

From: George Mason <gmason3815@...>
Can anyone tell me how many Jewish secondary schools there were in Riga
in the late 1930s? I know of the Rauchvarger school and the Ezra
How many others were there and what were their names?
During the late 1930s Riga had many Jewish secondary schools. Besides
those you named there was the Iwrit school with teaching in Hebrew, the
Sabiedriska (with teaching in Latvian and German but among ourselves we
spoke only German), several Jewish high schools with Yiddish as the main
language of teaching. There were more. If you are interested I will send
you the full list of secondary schools. I only wish to point out that during
the last prewar 1940/41 school year the Soviet regime introduced many
changes to the Riga school system.
All this is subject of my present work "Jewish Schoolchildren and Teacher,
Riga 1920-1941. It is going to include Names, dates and places of birth and
other essential information about Jewish pupils who graduated different Riga
schools or whose education was interrupted by WW2. It is also going to
contain data about the teaching stuff of Jewish schools.
If you can give me the name and age of your Mozeson and Nathanson I may look
up for more information on the already existing part of the database.
Evelyn Waldstein

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