Re: Riga addresses?? #latvia

Rochelle Kaplan <rokap@...>

Dear Randi,

I'd suggest Mapquest, or buying current maps and doing overlay/comparison of
1900 maps. By the way, I just learned >from Aleksander Feigmanis, my
researcher, that my gggf, Jossel Kalman Gerson, age 65 (probably older
though) - mostly of Bausk (Bauska), but who was registered in Riga, lived in
1893 (though was not legally married to) Elke Michelson/Michelsohn, age 43,
and together they had a daughter Dobre Lea, age 5. In Bauska, where I was
this past summer, I saw and photographed a former liquor factory, owned by
Michelsohn, whose name is visible on the building in both Russian and
German. There were also Michelsohn graves, I think in Mitau (now Jelgava).
This is the only info I have on Elke Michelson. Aleks had previously told me
Jossel Gerson was married to Rahel-Elke Levinson, and they had 4 children,
one of whom was my ggf.

I will keep your name on file re: Michelsohn.

Rochelle Kaplan

From: Randy Wasserstrom

I am looking for the current Latvian names for Russian street names in
They are in Riga of relatives of mine -- Michelsohns!! Does anyone know how
to find this info???

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