Tschesno #latvia


-Tschesno ( or Chesno)

I am trying to trace my first cousin David-yerucham who was born on
12.8.1934. His mother Golda Tschesno, was born on 10.7.1911 in Berzpils
Pagasts (small rural district). In 14.6.1932 Golda Tschesno married my
uncle Salman Voichansky. David is their son. In 1933-1935 they lived in
Riga at Dzirnavu street 132, apt.2. After a while , Golda and Salman divorce.
She remarried to another man and they immigrated to the U.S.A or CANADA.
David got his stepfather second name which I don't know. Did any body heard
the family name Tschesno? It is passable that David is (or was) a famous
musician. Any information will be preciated.

Sincerely Dror Vichansky.

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