Occupation of Riga during World War 1 #latvia

George Mason <gmason3815@...>

As part of trying to understand what my NATHANSON ancestors may have
experienced, I am attempting to learn more about Riga during the First
World War. I am assuming the occupation must have been between 1915
and 1918. For example, I understand that on September 1, 1917, there
was an attack by the German Eighth Army against the Russian Twelfth
Army that took place around Riga and involved some 575 pieces of
artillery across a 4,600 yard front.

I've tried a Google search and the information on occupied Riga is
rather sparse. Can anyone provide an overview of the occupation or
websites that have more information about this time? I hope this
isn't too far off-topic.

George Mason

Researching MOZESON and NATHANSON in Riga.

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