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Name Change:

My great grandfather came to the US >from Bialystok. His 1876 marriage
license has him as Zelman. The JRI-Poland information has him listed as
Zalmen Marel. In the US, he was known as Solomon Morrell. His son, my
grandfather came to the US as an adult at a much later date. He was
listed on the ships manifest as Henry Morrell, not Marel. I can only
assume that when the purser was writing down the names for the manifest,
with the strong Polish accent and an English purser, it became
Anglicized to Solomon Morrell. Morrell is a common British name.
Who knows for sure. But I believe, in many cases the purser couldn't
understand the "Jewish " name and made it easier for himself.

Laurence Morrell
Maitland, Florida
searching: Morrell, Marel, Patt, Oruszkes, Rosen, Levinger

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