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Hi Ben,

I checked my index of the names in Yudel Flior's book "Dvinsk, the rise and
decline of a town" and have found the following (page number references in

GEVER Motke: killed by a bomb he was carrying after meeting of Jewish
resistance group (p.150)
(--?--) Shmuel: a barber; lost leg in bomb blast (p.150)
(--?--) Itzik: locksmith; arrested and sent to Siberia (p.152)
ZILBERMAN (--?--): fur merchant (p.39)

The last two may not be yours. Motke is probably yours, and Shmuel may be
his brother (this is a guess on my part, based on your list of names). Here
is the passage about the accidental bomb blast, circa 1905, that befell the
Jewish resistance group:

"The organisation was jubilant at the successes it was having. But their
rejoicing came to a sudden end when, through an accident, a catastrophe
overtook them. They were holding a meeting in the circus. Armed sentries
were guarding against a possible attack >from the Black Hundreds. At the end
of the meeting, they were all making for their homes. The roads were
slippery >from the frost and snaw. Motke Gever slipped and fell. The bomb
he was carrying blew up and killed both him and Borochowitz. Six others
were wounded. Shmuel, the barber, remained with one leg for the rest of his
life. Hirshele Borochowitz had worked for my father. He was a refined and
keen-minded student, beloved by everyone. The affection in which he was
held, may be gathered >from the fact that everyone called him Hirshele."

-- Flior, Yudel. Dvinsk : the rise and decline of a town.
Translated >from the Yiddish by Bernard Sachs.
Johannesburg : Dial Press [1956], page 150.

I echo Judy's encouragement to you to contact the Latvian State Historical
Archive. They have produced wonderful information for me also, much of
which was not online. You may have to wait a while for results, and the
service is for a (reasonable) fee. The quality of the information they
provide, if information on your family is held in the Archive, is excellent.

Hope this helps.

Donna Dinberg
Librarian, JGS of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

<Opinions above are my own and are not intended to reflect those of my
employer. Usual disclaimers apply.>

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I'm told that the individual I'm looking for came >from Dvinsk his name
was: Klonomos GEVER
His son was Shlomo Ben KLONOMOS and he married Bessie SILVER. At some
point the name was changed to SILVERMAN. I assume they
married around 1870 since their first child was born in 1872
they then had 10 further children until 1892 (Myer, Leah,
Gertrude, Mary, Annie, eva, Dora, Jane, Sam and Isaac)

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