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In 2000 several people worked on a database of names >from a Yizkor book
published in 1947 - CHURBN LETTLAND by Max KAUFMAN - which relates to his
memories of Riga during WWII. I do not have a copy of this book, but the
project was coordinated by Constance in London. I am not sure if this DB
was published as a Yizkor Book db (as Constance was hoping), or on the
Latvia SIG discussion group site. Also, I do not know if this is in order
(if not I apologise) but I still have it all on disc.

I also have a database of names which I extracted >from the book which I
have - one of a trilogy - MUTED VOICES by Gertrude SCHNEIDER .

I am not sure about copyright, etc. but I do not think there would be any
problem in doing individual look-ups for people, although I cannot
guarantee the accuracy of the information.

There is also another database available via the Yikzkor Book Project
webpage - "Austrian, Czech, and German Jews in Riga" an unpublished
manuscript translated and contributed by Peter W. Lande.

Lorrane Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder

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