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Rochelle Kaplan <rokap@...>

Dear Shafrir 2:

I am on route to NYC for a couple of weeks but saw your request re: Gerson
family >from Riga so wanted to write. My great-grandfather, Shmul Gerson,
came to NYC in 1898, followed by his wife Raschel, nee Zaks, and their
children in 1899. He had a brother Itzik, another brother Rafael who may
have died young, and two sisters Dobre Lea and Ganna. I don't know what
happened to the daughters. Their father was Jossel Kalman, of Bauska. I
don't know of Jossel's siblings or his parents. But perhaps there is a
connection between our families. Shmul Gerson became Samuel Herson in the US
and his descendants are Hersons. Itzik had several children. I am in touch
with Itzik's great-grandchildren in Latvia and in Israel. Other descendants
live in Moscow.

Rochelle Kaplan
Salt Lake City

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Subject: [latvia] FRIEDMAN & GERSON >from Riga
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 22:38:29 +0200

Dear Friends,
Plaese, send this letter in the site of Latvia to all the members:

I am looking for people >from the Friedman & Gerson Family >from Riga. Do you
know any servivors of these families?

Some details that I know:

Friedman - Yedidia Elias Friedman (born 1872) married Etta daughter of Mark
Leib Brick and they had 3 daughters: Tanny (born 1899 in Riga),Lea (born
1900 in Riga) and Johanna (born on March 12 0f 1902 in Riga).

Gerson - Abram Gerson was born on July 7 of 1887 in Windau (Ventspils). On
1929 he married Johanna Friedman. They had a son Eduard, born on November 1
of 1931 in Riga and daughter Mia, born on December 15 of 1933 in Riga. In
1932 this family lived in Riga at Lacplesa St. 21-6. The last adress of
Johanna and Mia was Marijas 16.

I want to thank anybody who will know anything about people of these

Dvora Shafrir-Keret )Israel), granddaughter of Johanna.

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