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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

In order to get the Birth Certificate you need to request it
from the Archives in Riga-
You should write as follows

Mrs Irina Veinberga
Latvian State Historical Archives
Slokas iela 16
Riga LV-1007
Email address is

You can also search the All Latvia Database which you can access
from the LatviaSIG page at

or direct URL is

A soundex search will bring up all permutations of spelling.
Remember that even when ancestors said they were >from a
particular place it may have been the nearest large town.
They also moved around a lot and also often paid taxes in
their original shtetl. You must therefore be open to searching
their names in other places so look at all the hits.
If you do find names that you feel may be yours you must request
a search >from the Archives as I said giving them all the details
you have .You need to send all the details that you have as
regards names,dates of birth,places lived,dates left Latvia etc.

There may be a long wait as they are very inundated with requests.
If he was born in Riga in 1867 then they may be able to get your
birth entry record quickly. They will still require details of
the family in order to be sure that they have the correct person.

Charges are not excessive.

Arlene Beare

Original message-
Is there anywhere I can look up a birth in Riga for
around 1867 as i am trying to find my great grandfather
birth certifiate his name is Abraham Jacob LEVY.
I need to be able to do this online as i live in

Many thanks
Teresa bRENNAN
from England

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