Re: Latvian Archives Question #latvia

Arlene Beare <arl@...>

I think that you mean they lived in the Province of Vitebsk (Vitebsk
Gubernia) which is now Latgale region of Latvia. Looking at the names
of the shtetlach that you are researching such as Preili, and Ludza
then some of the records are in the Latvian State Historical Archives
and some may be found in Belarus. Your initial request should go to
the Latvian State Historical Archives.
There is a lot of data in the All Latvia Database for Daugavpils which
is close to Preili and also for Ludza. There are cemetery data in the
Jewishgen cemetery database for Ludza.
Check both the All Latvia Database and the Belarus Database and send
complete details of your family to the Archivists.

Arlene Beare

If my family lived (up until the early 1900s)in the part of Belarus that is
now Latvia, would I find archival records for them in Latvia or in Belarus?

Rochelle Gershenow
Potomac, MD

Searching: AKINSKY/AGINSKY (Belarus); CHAIKIN (Priluki or Priluki area,
Ukraine); GERIS (Belarus); LECKERMAN/LAKERMAN (Podelski or Priluki, Ukraine;
or Pennsylvania, USA); LIFSCHITZ (Podelski or Priluki, Ukraine); SLONIMSKY
(Minsk, Belarus)or SLONIM (USA); SONDEK/SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Lutzin, Belarus;
Ludza, Latvia; USA); PURINSON/PURINZON/PURRINSON (Priluki,Ukraine;
Argentina; Israel; USA); SOKOLOFF (Priluki or Priluki area, Ukraine)

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