Kabat family from Bialystok area #poland

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>


Perhaps Mr. Cabat would also be interested to know that there are at least
six people with the surname KABAT who are buried here in the New York metro
area. There is an Abraham, Gussia and Jennie who are in a Bialystok society
plot at Mt. Zion, a Lillian and Morris in a Knyszyn plot at Mt. Carmel, and
a Ruth in a Warzawa plot at Beth David. If he would like digital photos of
these gravestones, have him contact me and I will be more than happy to send
them to him by e-mail.

There are also four more with the surname KABAT listed on the Mt. Hebron
cemetery database (www.mounthebroncemetery.com) and seven more on the Mt.
Carmel cemetery database (www.mountcarmelcemetery.com) . Please enter the
surname KABAT in the 'Quick Search' box on either/both sites for more
information. I have no photographs for these gravestones.

Steven Lasky
New York

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