Brandson, Katz, Sher #latvia

Chaim freedman

I realise that Sher was a fairly common name in Latvia and Lithuania
but I wonder if someone may have encountered a family in Latvia whom
I may be descended from. My grandmother had a greataunt Beila (Bessie)
BRANDSON who was born in 1850, probably in Libau (Liepaja), and died
in 1920 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Her parents, listed on her death record were Isaac KATZ and Dinah SHER.
I know nothing about them, when or even where they lived, possibly Libau
or nearby Priekule where my grandmother Khaya-Reeva (Annie) FREEDMAN,
nee KVINT was born in 1885.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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