Probably found info on ancestor in Bialystok #poland

Greg Stone <gregpstone@...>

Mark announced the translation of the table of contents for Pinkos
Bialystok on April 2, and the pending translation of the two volume
history itself. Checking the table of contents I saw my great great
grandfather's name, Gershon Sztejn. He only has a paragraph, but it's
the first info on this name I've come across. Just wanted to relate
this to encourage Mark in his good work as well as others who are

I also just came across a name mystery. I had been looking for Sztejn
and Katz, but I just found a death certificate which lists my g'g'
grandmother's maiden name as Minnie Maslovitch rather than Minnie
(Minna) Katz as I had previously seen it.

Greg Stone

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