Latvia SIG Luncheon at the IAJGS Las Vegas #latvia

Barry Shay

Dear Latvia SIG members,

According to the organizers, as of this date only 12 members have
registered for the luncheon. If you have not already done so, please
register as soon as possible. I know there will be many more than 12
members attending the conference, so please register now.

The following was the message I received >from the organizers:


The SIG Luncheons appear to be coming along nicely, with 3 exceptions.
Austria-Czeck has a total of 15, French SIG has 8 and Latvia SIG has 12. The
hotel will charge us an additional set up fee of $50 if we do not have 20
people at a luncheon, additionally. I cannot justify setting aside a room
that would hold 60-70 people for on 8 to 15. Even if we do, they will have
to pay the set up charge, or they may want to share a large room( at
different ends and possible a screen between)


Would you please pass this information along to your membership, and let us
know what you want to do? Hopefully, you will get enough responses to make
a decision as soon as possible. The other SIGs have 50-75 people registered
for each luncheon and more reservations are coming in each day.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

So, please register and let me know if you will be attending the luncheon.
I know there has been confusion right >from the beginning about whether the
luncheon was to take place and then the location of the luncheon.

Barry Shay

Latvia SIG


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