Tykocin Memorial Ceremony #poland

G. A. Cabat <pairuvdocs2-geneology@...>

I recently learned >from another SIG member that
"On August, 24 at 3 pm. will be official Ceremony in honour of Holocaust
of Tykocin Jews in 65 anniversary of their death .

The large group of people >from Israel will arrive to Tykocin to celebrate
this Ceremony and of courses Polish people."

I can't go. It would be great if those interested could "post" their
e-mail addresses so that attendees could contact those with similar

I e-mailed (in English) Mrs Ewa Wroczynska, director of the Tykocin
Synagogue Museum to see if there was any way we could post our e-mail
addresses for contacts, but I as yet have not received a reply.

Does anyone have the contacts to make this happen?

George Cabat

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If anyone is planning to go and wants to be in touch
with other landslayt who may be reading this discussion group, you can
send a message to this list.

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