Re: New Databases added - jackpot! #latvia

Robert E. Heyman <robeh1@...>

What a jackpot! The 1898 Rezekne lists gave me the following
information (among lots of other stuff) -
Wulf Selig FALKOV, son of Peretz, age 51 in 1896,
married to Reisa Mirka, age 49 in 1896.
These are my gg-grandparents and birthyears and the name Peretz
are new to me.

Nochim TRUP, son of Leib, had passed away by 1898,
but he was age 60 in 1858.
He is my ggg-grandfather, and the birthyear and the name Leib
are new to me. There is also a listing of a son Shmul I did not
know about.

Donations have just been made in thanks!

Robert Heyman
Silver Spring, MD

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