JewishGen servers safe and back in business #latvia

Elsebeth Paikin

Dear all,

I am sure that we have all missed JewishGen while the server
was being brought to safety when hurricane Rita approaced
Houston and then - after Rita had passed - back to Houston.

This will just remind us all of what the world would be
without JewishGen. What an ansolutely dreadful thought!

I therefore first of all want to thank to all those behind the
scenes that took precautions and made sure that the server was
evacuated in time. I am quite sure that it must have meant a
lot of extra work for all involved.

Second I would suggest that we all donate an amount - small or
large - to JewishGen, in gratitude and to compensate for the
expenses of evacuation. I don't know - but I am sure that it must
have cost quite a lot. I myself have just send a donation via

Last but not least I hope and pray that those JewishGenners whose
homes were in Rita's path are all well and that no or not much
damage was done to their homes.

Best wishes

Moderator of the Latvia SIG and
Scandinavia SIG mailing lists
Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark

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