Pinkos Bialystok -- Index of People & Towns #poland


As many of you know, there is a JewishGen Yizkor Book
project to translate the two volume history of Jewish
Bialystok -- Pinkos Bialystok -- written before WWII by A.S.
Hershberg. Information about this project can be found on
the BialyGen website at and
on the Yizkor Book website at

Each Volume of this work contains a Yiddish index of
individuals mentioned in the book. Volume I also has an
index of towns mentioned in that volume. If you are
wondering whether a member of your family is referenced in
this book, having access to the surname index is what you

As pages of names or places are much easier to transliterate
than to translate pages of Yiddish text, we ask our
subscribers who are fluent in Hebrew or Yiddish to volunteer
to transliterate parts of these indexes. If you are
interested in helping, please contact me privately at

Mark Halpern
BialyGen Coordinator

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