PACHTER Family from Siemiatycze #poland

tina levine


I would appreciate any assistance with the following
two matters.

1)I am searching for family in England with the
surname PACHTER, originally >from Siemiatycze located
in the Grodno Gobernia.

My great-grandfather, David Pachter, immigrated to the
US >from Siemiatycze in 1907. He first stopped in
London living at 14 Boreham St. and then departed from
Liverpool.He entered the US via Philadelphia. On his
ship manifest there is written the name "Suletu
Pachter" next to Friend's Name. (Can someone please
clarify what information this part of the document was
asking for?)

During WWII one of my uncles, while in the army
stationed in Europe, visited with cousins having the
same surname.

I am trying to locate my relatives in England.

2) I am looking for the descendents of my great aunt
SARAH PEARL (nee PACHTER). She immigrated to NYC from
Siemiatycze in 1909. She married and had 3 children -
Morris, Laura and Melvin. She died in 1928 at the age
of 33. The children were placed in an orphanage and
later moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA. Laura became a
nurse and Morris and Melvin were in the pharmaceutical

I am searching for the children and/or grandchildren
of Morris, Laura and Melvin PEARL. Any information
would be most appreciated.

Tina Pachter Levine
Forest Hills, NY (NYC)

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