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My grandfather's sister Zlata's first husband was Jacob (son of Eliokum)
SHMULOVITCH. He was born c 1865 and died in 1898 in Riga. The marriage
took place in Riga but, as Zlata was born in Mitau, Jacob could well have
come >from there also. There were no children - he died only two months
after the wedding, cause unknown, and I have no further details of him
(these were obtained >from the Latvian Archives) but thought this might be
of interest. Zlata's maiden name was JOEL and her second husband was Nochum

Best wishes,

Jacqueline E. Gill

London, UK

"Angela Carter" <> wrote:

... Does anyone know anything about the surname SCHMULOWITZ or
SCHMUELOWITZ >from Mitau/Jelgava? I am trying to find out the original
surname of my great-grandfather who left Mitau at age 8 (born approx.
1884-5), traveled to South Africa (spent time there) and eventually came to
America. He went by Jack LEWIS. A relative often said the name was
SMALLOVICH and the soundex came up with SCHMUELOWITZ. We may have also had
a relative with the surname KATZIN. Thoughts anyone? Again, I appreciate

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