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Mike Stern <mike@...>

Hi, Angie

I am new to this game, so I don't quite know the etiquette of the game,
and whether writing directly to you is OK.

I too am researching Rezekne, with two family names - the KOPMAN's and
the BERSIN's. I too live in Petah Tikva.

As far as I know, Rezekne and Rezitse are the same. I have elderly
family members living in Israel who came >from Rezekne in the '70' s, and
we can ask them about the confusion of names.

Please copy me on any information you get regarding tracking down names
from Rezekne.

Mike Stern
Petah Tikva, Israel
Tel : 054-4245010

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Subject: Does REZEKNE =3D RESITSA?
From: Angie Elfassi <>

1. Is Rezekne also Resitsa?
2. Where would one go about finding records for

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