Rabbi Aaaron Azriel YAFET (d. 1861), Rezekne #latvia

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I would appreciate any advice on how to find more information about
rabbi Aaron Azriel YAFET (d. 1861) the head of the rabbinic court of
Rezekne and about his ancestors. Unfortunately I can not read Hebrew or
Yiddish and therefore can not comprehend the major sources of rabbinic
ancestry. The list of ancestors connecting Rabbi YAFET to Maharal of
Prague was found as a handwritten inscription on the inner side of the
leather cover of one of Gemar books in the synagogue build by Nahum
YIMYANITOV in Rezekne. This was copied by the grandson of the Rabbi and
recently communicated to me by his great-grand son Alexander YAFET, now
90 years old living in Israel.

Here I provide an updated list with I have updated with estimated dates
and the available information on Maharal's wife and children. My
additions are bracketed.

[Yehuda LOEW, the Maharal of Prague (1525-1609) married Perla SHMELKES.
Children: Rabbi Betzalel LOEWE, Vogele Bezalel, Rachel LOWE.]
The Maharal's daughter married Rabbi Yosif Yoska (b. appr. 1540), [the
head of the Dubno rabbinic court.]
Reb Tsvi Sabal (b. appr. 1570), the kabbalist
Gaon, tsadik Moshe (b. appr. 1600)
Reb Yehuda YUDUL (b. appr. 1630), the head of Kael court and region
Moisha ZEEV VOLF (b. appr. 1660) - the head of Minsk and Smilevich
Region, later of Fiod region.
Reb Akiva (b. appr. 1690), the head of the Borisov rabbinic court.
Reb Shlomo (b. appr. 1720)
Reb Menachem NOHUM (b. appr. 1750)
Reb Abraham Itsak KATZ (b. appr. 1780)
Reb Garav Aaron Azriel YAFET (1810 (appr.) -1861), the head of the
Rezekne rabbinic court.
[Hana Yafet (appr. 1845- appr. 1900) Rezekne. Married Itsik Behr Maimind
and had 7 children.]

Here are few questions:
1. Does "Reb" always mean Rabbi, or is it just a sign of respect?
2. What this part could mean: "the head of Minsk and Smilevich Region,
later of Fiod region"? Does Smilevich mean Smolensk?
3. May Fiod mean Feodosia?
4. Is it correct to translate "the chairman of the court of the
community" as "rabbinic court"?

I will appreciate any advice and suggestions.

Max Rempel Myakishev, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, tel. 301 496-0509

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